Summary of Differences Between STCA and Five Eyes/IRPA s. 101(1)(c.1)

Safe Third Country AgreementFive Eyes/IRPA s. 101(1)(c.1)
Mainly determines who can make a claim at an official Port of Entry at the Canada-US land borderMainly determines who has access to the full Refugee Protection Division hearing process, versus a modified PRRA
▶ WHERE: Applies at Ports-of-Entry at the Canada-US land border▶ WHERE: Applies to all people making refugee claims, or who have made refugee claims
▶ WHO: Applies to prohibit entry to anyone making a refugee claim at the border, unless they meet one of the exceptions▶ WHO: Applies to anyone who has ever “made” (initiated) a refugee claim in the US, UK, Australia, or New Zealand
Doesn’t matter if they made an asylum application in the US, only that they are traveling from thereDoesn’t matter if they are traveling from the applicable countries, or how long ago they were there, or what that result was
▶ SOURCES: IRPA, s. 101(1)(e); IRPA Regulations, ss. 159.1, 159.2, 159.3, 159.4, 159.5, 159.6, 159.7; Safe Third Country Agreement ▶ SOURCES: IRPA, s. 101(1)(c.1); Canada, IRCC, “Agreements with other departments and governments”

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