New Clients

For new clients without a legal aid certificate, there is an initial consultation fee of $400. This includes disbursements and HST. If you retain me for the same issue within three months, the $400 will be considered as a deposit on the total retainer.

If you have a legal aid certificate, please bring evidence of it to our first meeting.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are increasingly more comfortable with video meetings. I am please to conduct appointments, including initial consultations, by video using any number of platforms (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc). However, I will need the client’s information in advance of the meeting, including:

  • Full legal name (as well as what you prefer to be called)
  • Actual residential address (where you live)
  • Mailing address, if different from where you live
  • Phone number (and whether it is a mobile phone and can accept SMS messages)
  • Email address
  • A copy of official photo ID, and a translation if it is not in English or French

Approximate Fees

The following is a list of approximate fees for standard cases. I generally charge flat fees for each stage of an application/case. In addition to the legal fee, the cost will also include “disbursements” (things like couriers, photocopies, transcripts, etc), HST (unless the client is outside of Canada), and may also include government fees. Fees vary based on how complicated the case is, whether it is a brand new case or I have previously been involved, whether it is being challenged, and other factors.

  • Refugee claim, complete – starts at $5000 (plus taxes and disbursements)
    • Additional fees may be charged for e.g. additional hearing dates, intervention by the Minister, additional family members
  • Spousal sponsorship – starts at $4000 (plus taxes, disbursements, and government fees)
    • Additional fees may be charged for e.g. redrafting forms, responding to allegations of misrepresentation or non-genuine marriage
  • Application for Leave and for Judicial Review – starts at $5000 (plus taxes and disbursements)
  • Judicial Review submissions and hearings – starts at $5000 (plus taxes and disbursements)
  • Appeals to the Refugee Appeal Division – starts at $4500 (plus taxes and disbursements)